Hotels one to five star classification in Europe

Hotels one to five star classification in Europe

Wondering about one to five star hotels classification? Here is explanation how it works in Europe. So – take it under the consideration choosing your room with a view in Krakow.

One star

Not too much requirements for the room itself. One star hotel means that the room needs to be equipped only in a bed, night stand, and a sink. Bathrooms can be shared with other rooms and can be located on the corridor.

The following conditions must be met: external elevation has to be lightened, central heating must be set up, 24h cold and hot water supply, and other things necessary to live. The hotel have to supply the visitors with cold and hot drinks 24 hours a day, needs to have a shop supplied with basic products. Single room needs to be at least 8 m². Important information for foreign visitors – the staff doesn’t have to speak any English, so be aware.

Two stars

Basically similar to the above. The rooms needs to have own bathrooms, Tv set and a breakfast included. Also a parking space is recommended for two stars hotels, and an elevator for buildings higher than 4 levels. A single room needs to be at least 9 m², and be equipped with a bed at least 90 x 200 cm.

Another recommendation for this standard is to have a room service for 12 hours a day, a cafeteria, shop, tourists information and small restaurant.

Staff need to have knowledge of at least one foreign language. Also uniforms are recommended.

Three stars

As above, but with couple of improvements – bigger rooms with own bathrooms. Pay as-you-go Tv, air conditioning, every day exchange of sheets and towels along with the room cleaning. Very often you have a gym inside the hotel as well as a good class restaurant and a lounge for conferences, meetings. Another nice thing is guarded parking and support for handicap people.

Single room has to be at least 10 m² with its own bathroom, table, night stand, lamp. Room service until 10 o’clock. Additionally there needs to be a inner laundry service.

Hotel employees need to have professional education and be fluent in at least 2 foreign languages.

Four stars

Hotels of this standard need to be better equipped than three stars hotels. There have to be well equipped business center, many smaller conference rooms, at least two restaurants and a bar. Often you can find an inside swimming pool, spa and gym. Hotels of that class are usually located in the city center and every room is sound proof and has the Internet connection. Single room needs to be at least 12 m². There is 24 hours a day room service. Staff need to be well educated and fluent in foreign languages.

Five stars hotels

Hotels which are given 5 stars have many luxuries features such as a parking space – one for every room. They provide the guests with high standard of services. All the facilities and indoor services need to be top quality.

Six stars hotels

That exist – like famous Burj Al Arab in Dubaju or Hotel Emirates Palace w Abu Zabi. Unfortunately you won’t find them in Krakow.

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One Comment to “Hotels one to five star classification in Europe”

Jelena Said:
August 18th, 2012 at 4:50 pm

This classification is not right for all of the countries of EU. Each country has its own classification system and some of the facilities mentioned here are not obligatory for this or that type of the hotel. Some European hotels do not have the requirements for size of the room in 3 star hotels or for air conditioning.

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